Our 13-month-old is getting the hang of using her tablet, but the only issue is she quite often will accidentally bring up either the notification bar or the navigation bar. With Fire OS being what it is (I have nothing good to say about it), child profiles for whatever reason are set to terminate most app processes as soon as they are out of focus, i.e., hitting the home button.

I realize Fire OS is not, in the official sense, Android OS but to my understanding it basically is Android OS on the backend, with a very imbecilic front-end. I've not bothered to root the device, but I've been able to push .apk's and install them without any issue, so in this sense I think any equivalent solution that would work on an Android device should work for it as well (and it even allows run-as, so I shouldn't really need root).

With that out of the way, what I'm basically looking for are ideas on how to circumvent the issue, whether it being some way to "lock" the nav and notification bars from responding, or putting in a dead-zone on screen that prevents touches being read in those areas, etc. Or if there's some way to change the behavior of it not keeping background processes, that'd also be an adequate solution. I realize this may be a bit open-ended, but my intent is specific (I hope?).

PS: Excluding an application or adb command(s), I think .db editing might also be an available means, but I'm not as familiar with it, other than playing around a bit with SetEdit.

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