Being quite a tech geek and Android geek I usually always solve my Android problems on my own but this one is really puzzling me. I recently got a Galaxy A40 and realized that my eyes react very badly to the PWM emitted by this amoled screen. The only option if you're unrooted to fix PWM is this app I found on the store called "Oled Saver", it's a screen filter app. The problem with this app is the mix of permissions it asks and I'm afraid it might record my screen and send it to the developer. "FULL INTERNET ACCESS" "ALLOW MODIFY SYSTEM SETTINGS" and it created a new section in the accessibility menu that I had to enable in order to run the app with no description of it (I guess that's the permission it need to draw over the screen). It also needs storage write access among others. Once the screen filter starts a background process of around 80mb is created. What I've done is I've disabled background data usage for this app and constantly check the cache create by the app and it's been at 119kb for a few days so I guess it's not storing my screen recordings. And the data used by the app has always been zero, background and foreground. But all those internet related permissions must be there for a reason since the app has no ads. Expert question now: Could it be that the app is not sending data but the background process it created actually is? May it be that the restrictions of background data usage apply only the "the app" and NOT to the process it created?

Please help guys if my screen is recorded I could be hacked from head to toe and witout this app I can't look at the display.

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