My phone is a Nokia 6.1. I'd like to do a factory reset, but preserving:

  • my personal files
  • the settings of all apps
  • the data saved by all apps (e.g. the alarms saved by the stock Clock app)
  • the collection of apps (I want them to be reinstalled after the reset)

Does the "Settings -> Advanced -> Backup" Android feature do all that? If no, then what part does it do?

  • And no, Google backup doesn't cover all. Especially when you consider restore. – Izzy May 24 at 20:22

Found the answer here:

If you back up to Google Drive, here's what's backed up:

Google Contacts data
Google Calendar events and settings
Wi-Fi networks and passwords
Gmail settings
Display settings (brightness and sleep)
Language and input settings
Date and time
Settings and data for apps not made by Google (varies by app)
Note: Not all apps can back up or restore all settings and data. To find out about an app, learn how to contact its developer.

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