I am using the gopro app on my Xiaomi Mi Max 3 (MIUI 10.3) android device, and whenever I connect the camera to the phone, the later automatically switches back to the 'Home' wifi.

The only workaround that works so far is when I disable the 'Auto Connect' option on the 'Home' Network, but this is not very convenient as the phone switches to Data Usage when the connection with the gopro is terminated.

There is indeed a default pop-up message saying that the Current Network (the gopro wifi) doesn't have 'Access to the Internet' and it prompts me to "Keep" the connection, but until this message pops-up, the phone constantly keeps switching between the two Networks trying to identify which is the best connection to use.

Is there a way to "lock" the selected network when tapping on it, and stop the device from Automatically switching between the two networks? Thank you all

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