Is it possible in any way to replicate chrome passwords to other chromium based browser such as brave. I have rooted device. I tried copying " Login Data" file from chrome data folder to brave data directory. but brave didn't picked it. And there is no option to import csv passwords in brave browser.

Desktop version of brave browser have option to import password csv, and i did that, but there is no option to sync passwords between desktop and android browser.


So far, not yet. The Brave Dev team said it's on the roadmap, there are several overlapping issues (with sync, bookmarks, general browser data and specific password import/sync) but there has been no feedback from the Devs on an implementation timeline. Very frustrating. Brave is a great browser and has lots of potential, but if it's to compete with the other browsers it has to include basic features that users expect. Password sync, or at least import and export on mobile/laptop/desktop, is one of them. Payment, Address and other browser data would actually make it comparable to other browsers...

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