I installed ADB via homebrew but running adb devices returns an empty list. I also tried system_profiler SPUSBDataType but I still fail to find my device here. I don't have EasyUSBTethering issues on my system. After connecting to my iMac, my cell phone starts charging, but fails to start USB debugging even though I have turned both "Develop Mode" and "USB Debugging" on. The version of my MacOS is 10.14.4.

There is no problem with the cable because I can USB Debug with it on my PC.

I know this situation seems awkward. Any possibility is welcomed and please feel free for requesting more relevant information about my devices. Thank you in advance!


Finally it turns out to be a cable issue - but very weird! On Windows both USB 3.0 and 2.0 Cables are supported. On Mac, however, only USB 2.0 cables are supported. Initially I was using a 3.0 cable and thus by confirming that everything runs smoothly on PC, I directly denied the possibility of cable issues. I wish my sorrowful experience could help prevent some valueless efforts.

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