I installed ADB via homebrew but running adb devices returns an empty list. I also tried system_profiler SPUSBDataType but I still fail to find my device here. I don't have EasyUSBTethering issues on my system. After connecting to my iMac, my cell phone starts charging, but fails to start USB debugging even though I have turned both "Develop Mode" and "USB Debugging" on. The version of my MacOS is 10.14.4.

There is no problem with the cable because I can USB Debug with it on my PC.

I know this situation seems awkward. Any possibility is welcomed and please feel free for requesting more relevant information about my devices. Thank you in advance!

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Finally it turns out to be a cable issue - but very weird! On Windows both USB 3.0 and 2.0 Cables are supported. On Mac, however, only USB 2.0 cables are supported. Initially I was using a 3.0 cable and thus by confirming that everything runs smoothly on PC, I directly denied the possibility of cable issues. I wish my sorrowful experience could help prevent some valueless efforts.

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