I have many Google calendars that are shared to me by other entities. My editing permissions vary depending on the calendar from "none" right up to "Make changes AND manage sharing." I also have children whose calendars I either edit or view. I want to manage the view of events over which I currently have no control.

This question is specific to calendars shared to me by URL over which I do not have editing permissions, but to whom I must maintain sync as events are added and removed. I only have the ability to view these calendars and they are not from entities that would be part of a meeting request. Example 1: School Calendar that is shared via iCalendar URL that has events that aren't relevant. Example 2: Sports calendar shared via iCalendar URL that has some events that aren't relevant. In reviewing similar "asks" on the web I have heard about many use cases that may not be common to everyone but make this valuable for some (e.g. work calendar that shares too many unrelated events etc.)

  1. I would like a way to hide (filter) specific events on a calendar for which I do not have editing permissions so that I do not see them when looking at the calendar on my Android device.
  2. In particular this functionality would be most beneficial when I am viewing multiple calendars at the same time as these events create additional "noise" based on events that I don't need to see, but from calendars that I do need to see and sync.

  3. I don't mind a solution that requires me to jump through some technical hoops as long as they are defined. I don't mind a much higher upfront overhead to address this as long as it creates ease and sanity past that point.

  4. I understand that I cannot change the calendar that is being shared with me, and I am not suggesting that there may be a way to do that.
  5. I've see similar requests over the years on Google Calendar support forums but have never seen a solution.

  6. I would imagine that a solution might involve an intermediary calendar that itself syncs to the source calendar but can be instructed in someway to ignore (or hide) certain events and remember those settings across sync sessions.

  7. A solution with an intermediary calendar might also address another PIA about sharing a private calendar via iCalander format in that while it shows and syncs in your calendar, Google Assistant does not view the events as 'yours' so many ease of use features don't behave properly. e.g. "OK Google, what do I have scheduled today?"

This is a specific need for a subset of people for various reasons and I imagine there must be some way to achieve this given the subscription model for the content there should be some way to affect the output a bit more selectively. I could host a tool locally or on the web etc. I am posting this on this forum because I think this is a bit out there for a Google Calendar forum where most people are asking the same question over and over: "Why does X's shared calendar show on the web to me but not on my phone?" :-)

Thank you.

FYI: For some irony in case anyone cares. While I was typing this and starting to wrap up, My wife just messaged me in a panic that my son has a game tonight that we didn't notice (which conflicts with the things that were already conflicting with each other). I responded that I had already had my heart attack last night when I saw the same thing but she can rest easy as there is actually no game. The team manager decided to add all the semi-pro games onto the kids' schedule so that they could attend when available and support the parent org. There is little to differentiate that event when looking at your schedule in Google Calendar from a 'real' game or practice when the lion's share of the event name is the source Calendar Name. In this case the event name shows as follows in 3 day view until you click on it (where "x" is a character in the source calendar name): 'Xxxxxx'. I think I would have received a few more letters but there is a competing event from another calendar behind it. If that event wasn't splitting the time slot then the title would have been 'Xxxxxx x Xxx -' which still doesn't contain any of the actual event name and only the source calendar name. The colour of the event also exactly matches every other event from that same source calendar.

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