So I thought that maybe someone here might give me some tips on how to debug whats going on... As I dont know if this is android issue or not...

So Im using Unity3D and I need to test my games on android devices. Unity has 2 options for that: 1) build & run - which builds the project, copy the files onto the device and run, 2) Unity Remote - which lets user test their games without building the whole projects, very quick and extremely usefull.

Option 1 (build and run) always complains "Android device emulator-5554 offline". So I adb kill-server and adb devices. Retry to build and it does what it was supposed to do. But its very slow, its not a good way to debug your games.

Option 2 (Unity Remote) works ONLY ONCE per device. What I mean by that is I connect I new device, run Unity Remote (developer profile in the device, usb debbuging ON), then a message will pop up in the device (RSA key fingerprint, I let to remember the device). And when I press Play in Unity3D my game is working on the device I just set up. And It will continue to work as expected untill next reboot of the system (computer, not the device).

Once done that Unity Remote does not work anymore. The device is always there when I check with adb devices. I can still build and run the project. I tried to "Revoke USD debugging authorizations" on the device, but doesn't help.

I dont have that problem on Windows, everything works there as expected. Its only happening on my new rig with Pop!_OS Ubuntu 19.04.


So since I run out of devices I had an idea to test something...

1) I reset one device to factory settings. Then I installed Unity Remote (enabled usd debugging), run Unity3D and pressed Play. At this time my game launched on a device.

2) I reboot the machine (computer). Run Unity Remote on my device, run Unity3D and pressed Play. At this time my game does not launch on a device anymore...

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