So i really need the camera to function using Nox Player, i have an MSI laptop with an integrated webcam. I've read everywhere that camera is supposed to work out of the box with Nox. However, it doesn't. i installed bluestacks to check and it worked with bluestacks. on Nox whatever app i install it acts as if there is no camera.

please help



MEMU is suspect and is "not safe" to use in my experience...and my camera has sync issues with that emulator that messes up my apps and network settings. My understanding is the latest NOX version uses android 7??? The webcam at this time is not supported....that's all the info I can find on this..and sadly, the Blue Stacks records me sideways...

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so i gave MEMU a try, and it has all Nox features + camera works !

So MEMU is an android emulator very similar to Nox Player, can be downloaded here: https://www.memuplay.com/

installation is straight forward, nothing special is needed. and the camera works out of the box.

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