Today I started to use a firewall on my NOKIA 8 (NoRoot Firewall) and of course currently I have quite a few notifications from Apps trying to access the Internet.

Apps I use are no problem but I'm wondering about core apps like the 'Phone' app or different google services. On the one hand I have a firewall because I want to prevent google from collecting all kinds of data from my phone, on the other hand I still want to receive (security-) updates and the phone to work correctly.

Is there a list of apps and services which shouldn't be blocked at all?

Also: with the firewall I use I can only either block or allow apps all of the time. I would like to block some apps, but receive a notification when they try to access the internet and maybe allow temporary access (for example to disable background activity of certain apps). Are there some firewalls recommended with such a feature?


  • Blocking Google and use Google apps will not really work well. If you want to stop Google from collecting data install a custom ROM that is free of all Google apps/services. – Robert Jun 3 at 17:13

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