I need to record my screen with internal only audio. I am running PrimeOS (which is probably based on Android X-86) on a laptop (Dell) which I have triple booted alongside Ubuntu and Ubuntu Budgie. I have enabled root for PrimeOS from the Settings.

What I have tried:

  1. Acorrding to this article

    • I tried Mobizen app from the Play Store, but It didn't have the option to record Internal Audio.
    • Then I installed RecMe app, which required me to install Internal Audio Plugin. I enabled the plugin, then rebooted. Then started the RecMe app, selected Internal only audio source and then clicked the record button. But it says,

      Audio error: Your device does not seem compatible. Please go to audio settings and try to change audio source.

      After I change the Audio source to Internal + Mic, the sound is not clear and there is a lots of background noise. Also, I cannot physically remove the mic.

  2. After that, I followed this guide,

    • I had alredy tried the "Alternative Method 1" above, which was mentioned in the guide, by using RecMe, so I also tried opening Internal Audio Plugin and RecMe one after other, as mentioned, which didn't worked.
    • Then I tried installing the ScreenCam Screen Recorder. But to record Internal Audio with that, I need to install a magisk module which is a zip file. So, to install the zip file, I installed the official twrp app from the Play Store. But when I go to select device, I am not able to find my device in the list (as I am running a laptop). So, I read this question about how to install flashable zips but the answers seem to explain how to install Xposed framework which is difficult to understand for me. In this case I would like to know how to flash the magisk module (without using twrp or adb as they are meant for phones).

I would like to get a step-by-step solution for screen recording with internal only audio.

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