I recently rooted my Samsung Galaxy S7 to remove all the t-mobile bloatware. After I removed all the t-mobile apps I proceeded to remove the boot animations. I was able to delete all the bootsamsung.qmg files so I could replace them with standard animations. I was able to move all the files to /system/media/ but when I went to go change permissions, I got a notice saying,"Changing permissions was not successful. Please note that some file systems do not allow permissions changes." I tried doing multiple solutions that others have provided to similar problems but no success. The /system folder permissions are drwxr-xr-x and the /media folder permissions are drwxrwxrwx. I looked for partial root on Root Checker advanced which said that I have root native and Dangerous props(is this ok?), all other items in the list were crossed.

  • you should not change permissions in android. android is not linux, permissions are not for user purposes. besides this, root privileges are not enough. read about namespaces and selinux – alecxs Jun 5 '19 at 16:12

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