Trying to factory reset my RCA Viking Neptune 10 tablet it has no volume button, no home button, only a power on button and detachable keyboard. Any suggestions are truly appreciated!

  • Do you have a home button? – helper Jun 5 at 13:26
  • Or a pinhole with "reset" printed near it? – helper Jun 5 at 13:29
  • Thank you helper, there is no home button on the tablet. There are some holes on the back of the tablet but none are marked. If I find which one is the reset what would I do please? – Arnie Jun 6 at 6:35
  • 1
    Would reading the user manual tell you this? RCA publishes pdf files for their models. – wbogacz Jun 7 at 22:42

As wbogacz suggested i found the user manual and found out that there is a reset button which can be located at number 9 of the following image of the backside of the device:

enter image description here

Press that button to reset the tablet (then press and hold the Power button for 4~5 seconds to turn on the unit).

Hope this solved your query.

  • Thank you so much everyone! It is so strange I tried to press the reset button with a pin and then turn on the power and I still see the same message - "to start android enter your password" How long do you need to press the reset button? Maybe there is something I am missing. Thank you so much!!! – Arnie Jun 10 at 8:12

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