Android Pie v9 (also occurs on v8)

Charge phone at night during winter. When the inside ambient temp drops to 12c or lower the large bright white battery protect notification illuminates the display and lights up the room at night waking up the owner of the phone.

This also occurs in summer when the room temp is 25c or higher. Setting do not disturb to block visual notifications does not stop this behaviour.

Expected Behavior: The temp charging screen is not critical enough to wake people up by illuminating the display for many seconds and then many periods throughout the night. It should be able to be blocked at the very least by setting Do Not Disturb and block visual notifications - it does not.

Observed Behavior: This screen appears all throughout the night, and it's very annoying. I've been woken many times at 2am by a charging notification that I couldn't care less about and most importantly, can do nothing about anyway.

Impact: all regions that experience below 12c and above 25c interior temperatures (I would guess most Android mobile users would experience this).

I want the option to block this either within the battery section or by setting do not disturb (ie making the Battery Protect system app fall within do not disturb's display governance).

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