Recently notification-sounds have started playing even when set to silent and/or DoNotDisturb.

The sounds seem to be played through the media channel as the volume can be changed by adjusting media-volume.

Even weirder is that it for some reason plays a sound for every notification again everytime i get a new one. Imagine an echo effect.

I deinstalled apps i installed around the time the issue started. The malware-scan shipped with the S7 couldn't find anything. No priority-exceptions are set for notifications. (I of course also restarted the device)

When booting in safe mode the notification sounds behave normally. I believe it could be some kind of malware which imitates notification sounds.

Does anyone know how i could troubleshoot such an issue? I want to avoid resetting my Phone or deinstalling every app until i find the correct one.

Is there perhaps a way to monitor apps currently playing audio i don't know about?

Thanks in advance

Device: Samsung Galaxy S7 (Updated)

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