Apologies if this has already been answered - I didn't find a duplicate question asked when I searched.

Device: Redmi Note 5 Pro, Android 9.0, MIUI 10.3

On previous phones that I've owned, if I wanted to load my sd card with ringtones, alarms, and notifications, I would create a directory /Media/Audio/ and within that directory, Ringtones, Alarms, and Notifications folders, and then I would place audio files within those directories. From there, the system knew to add those to my default available ringtones etc.

This new system has a function that allows me to manually add custom ringtones, etc., but it only allows me to do it 1 file at a time. I have hundreds of files that I wish to add, doing this 1 at a time is not practical.

Is there a similar equivalent way that I can register files stored on SD Card as ringtones, alarms, and notifications to the system en masse?

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