I have an Android Auto-enabled Toyota Aygo and a Moto Z2 Play with Android Auto app installed. Both devices can communicate / are communicating using USB-C cable and Bluetooth (I tried to disable Bluetooth, but Android Auto re-enables its every time it starts, to I keep it enabled).

Car is configured to start Android Auto automatically.

Whenever both devices are in close range and pair together over Bluetooth, car correctly starts up Android Auto on my Moto Z2, however it is started on the phone, not on car's multimedia system.

My recent tests proved that as long as I don't:

  • connect both devices via USB-C cable and,
  • keep my phone's screen turned on (unlocked),

Android Auto will always start on the phone only and not on car's multimedia system.

Always -- meaning that I can:

  • connect it via cable with screen turned off (locked) or
  • have it with screen turned on (unlocked), but have it connected via Bluetooth only

and still have Android Auto app running only on the phone.

In a matter of second after I connect both devices with a cable and enable screen (lift off screen lock), Android Auto immediately starts working on car's multimedia system (as expected).

From what I have learnt ("Detect pocket" option in Android Auto + recent Internet search) it seems that Android Auto is designed to work over Bluetooth only and with screen turned off (i.e. in pocket).

Can anyone shed any light on what can be wrong in my case? Why do I always have to have my phone's screen turned on (unloced) and both devices connected via USB-C cable?

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