I have a standard touch keyboard in my Moto Z2 Play (Andriod 8.0 Oreo / Gboard 8.2.11) with two languages: English and Polish.

Whenever I am typing in Polish langauage, I can write nearly a complete garbage and hit space -- in most cases correct word is displayed in bold in the center of suggestion bar, and when I hit space, my "garbage" is correctly replaced.

This looks completely different when I am using English language. Again, my "garbage" is -- in most cases -- recognized into correct word, but it is written in non-bold in suggestion bar and when I hit space, it does not replaces my "garbage". To have correct spelling I must tap center of suggestion bar after each and every space or word written.

I have looked through keyboard settings, but in language-specific settings I can only change keyboard layout and enable or disable multilingual typing.

All other configuration options should be language-independent and work exactly the same no matter which language is being used in Gboard at a given time. Apparently this isn't true.

Is there anything I am missing here? What should I change or do to have auto-correction enabled in each language?

I am using Gboard In Gboard > Settings > Text Correction I have all but two options enabled. The only disabled settings are Show emoji suggestions and Auto-space after punctiation.

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