I bought a new phone (Redmi 6) and signed up to my google account. Everything worked fine, I used it as a 2FA to log in to my google account (using Google Prompt method). I also have my older phone and tablet, both signed to my account and set-up as a 2FA too.

Then I messed few things up and eventually I needed to reinstall Android (to the same version - 8.1). Since then I can not use it as 2FA.

  1. I'm signed to my google account
  2. I can normally install apps from Google Play
  3. I can access Settings/Google/Google Account and I can see my activities there. I can also access Security tab and I see my old phone and tablet under the 'Google Prompt (Default)' section. But my new phone isn't listed there.
  4. I don't see it in the list on https://www.google.com/android/find. I can see old phone and tablet tought
  5. In the 'Recently Used Devices' I can see my new phone twice (both named Redmi 6), with different 'last login' dates - one log sais last login was in last 5 minutes (which is correct), second says last login was before I reinstalled the system.
  6. Settings/Google/Google Account/Security. When I try to get the 'Security Code', it asks for the lock pattern but then it ends up with 'An error occurred during generating your code' (loosely translated).

What should I do to make my new phone working correctly with google account? How can I use it as 2FA and how can I get it to the list of devices I can locate?


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