There is an app called "Spacetoon Go"

Basically its like Netflix but for kids and without downloading option .

All video downloaders apps "That i know of" only integrate with videos in websites . But the videos i want is within that app . You can only view them online .

The problem is . I paid for premium to soon . Later videos keeps stop because of the internet so i wanted to download them on my android/pc for an entertaining journey .

Later when i searched . I found that there is a guy that cracked the code! He literally extracted few episodes from the app . When i asked him how / He just ignoored

No signs that he recorded the screen . The videos quality he offered for download is in full quality exactly like the app.

Pic inside the app https://i.ibb.co/KFKYN5Z/62175187-325689631662817-6156042853752504320-n.png

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    Are you expecting to get here a manual how to crack an Video app? – Robert Jun 10 at 10:23

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