My Android phone runs 8.1, model ASUS Zenfone Live V. I have 15.06 GB/16 of internal storage and roughly 11/128 on an microSD card. (I checked with ASUS when I bought it, it is the max storage and speed the phone could support.)

Despite indicating more free space available, the phone has exhibited a number of weird behaviors lately.

-Camera refused to take pictures, stating Operation failed. Insert a storage card and try again. The microSD was never removed from device.

  • Google Drive refused to download files to my device. Said it could not write to device.

-A few weeks ago a significant number of apps mysteriously stopped functioning and would crash immediately on open. After painstakingly wiping cache and data from Google Play, rebooting and reinstalling I got most of them back. A few still refused to install. One app I tried to install since then has "installed" successfully but has now begun exhibiting the same error message. App (DiskUsage) keeps stopping whenever you try to open it, and had had no luck opening so far. I am guessing it has a problem being unable to read or write files that is preventing it from opening.

All things point to a storage problem. Advice?

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