My u2f key is already setup and working as the second factor on my google account, and I've used it many times, including using it with this tablet via usb.

I now want to log into my google account in the firefox browser on my galaxy tab a. When I try, I only get the option to enter a backup code.

I checked about:config and security.webauth.u2f is set to true. Security.webauth.webauthn is true. Security.webauth.webauthn_enable_usbtoken is true.

What am I missing here?


Well, it's not a complete answer, but Google has apparently added some behavior at this point: There's now a URL (https://g.co/sc) given when you get to needing the second factor that you can use in another device to get a one-time use code.

I was able to switch to chrome on the same phone and use that URL. Chrome then prompted me for my FIDO key, which worked fine and I was able to login to firefox.

In no way is this ideal, but at least it's a workaround.

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