When we add a Google account in an android phone, automatically and immediately it starts synchronization of all components like Calendar, Contacts, Drive, Gmail, Google Fit data, Google News, Keep notes, People details and Play Games Cloud Save.

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I have 2-3 Google accounts, one for contacts, another for Google drive and other for Gmail.

I want to sync only selected component of Google account.

Before adding a Google account, I disabled Auto-sync. However, after adding a Google account, it starts syncing immediately all components.

When I open Google Chrome, YouTube, etc. I see only one Google account but in some apps like Google Calendar, Google Drive, etc I see more than one Google account. I didn't check for Google Photo.

If I open Google Calendar, I want to see only one Google account that I selected for Calendar.

If I open Google drive, I want to see only one Google account that I selected for Google drive.

Pls let me know, can I resolve above issues?

If yes, let me know how?



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