we've got a MX10 Android 8.1 TV Box, which supports 4K resolution.

It works perfectly on a 16:9 screen (A).

We now wanted to connect it to a 32:9 screen and it displays stretched horizontally (B). Apparently, it does not automatically change to a 32:9 resolution. None of the resolutions in the menu is 32:9, so it may not detect it automatically.

We then tried to force it via adb: adb shell wm size 3840x1080.

When connected to a 16:9 screen, we get black bands in the top and bottom (C), so it appears a 32:9 resolution; but when connected to a 32:9 screen, instead of covering the entire display, it is again stretched only horizontally, so we see the black bands in the top and bottom, and the display is stretched (D).

visual representation of the four cases

My suspicion is that this adb command does not actually change the resolution, but fakes it on its natural resolution and fills it with black, so we are getting a 32:9 resolution over a 16:9 black, and this 16:9 black is displayed on a) a 16:9 monitor and looks good, b) a 32:9 monitor and is stretched horizontally.


a) is there a way to actually force a resolution?

b) can you recommend us an Android TV box that does support 32:9 resolution?

Thank you.

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