I noticed that a random third party app (Telegram in this case) was allowed to turn off my entire phone screen at a whim while I was using the app for a voice call, as soon as my finger approached the upper part of the screen to pull down notifications.

This happened on my homescreen while the application was not in the foreground, i.e. not at all visible on screen.

Since I was not particularly close to obscuring any sensor with my single finger -- which was somehow mistaken for a human head -- as well as using earphones which in context obviously renders the feature completely pointless since no sound is coming out of the integrated speaker, I'm wondering how to disallow apps from behaving in this absurdly idiotic way?

In other words, how do I block apps from hijacking and turning off my screen at their discretion?

  • Android 8.1.0
  • Nexus 5X

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