I can't seem to get any applications to start at boot. I wanted sshd to run at startup so I installed "Termux", "Termux:Api" and "Termux:Boot" and followed the instructions and placed the startup scripts in $HOME/.termux/boot. I checked the logs and there were no errors but no mention of startup scripts being initiated and on boot Termux:Boot was not started.

Thinking this might be a bug in Termux(since I was using an older version as they have removed features in the newer versions to comply with Google Play policies) I installed "Automate" app and created a simple flow which just turns on the wifi hotspot when it receives the broadcast "BOOT_COMPLETED" but it never receives the broadcast(as shown in the logs). I tried changing the broadcast event from BOOT_COMPLETED to SERVICE_STARTED (Automate service, which in settings is selected to start automatically) but that too only starts once I open the App manually.

The phone is Lava Z60, stock ROM, not rooted although I tried to but I can't enter the fastboot mode. The phone shuts down when I try to enter fastboot mode.

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