I just migrated to a Google Pixel 3a coming from an old iPhone and I realized that I can't use my USB external audio interface for recording videos with my new phone.

I used my Zoom UR-24 without any problems with an old iPhone 5s

It's a shame, because one of the main reasons to migrate was the camera quality and for recording videos with external audio.

Is there any usb soundcard compatible with Android/Google Pixel ?

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Here are some options:

  • Use an alternative camera app, which will allow you to set the audio source. For example: Open Camera
  • Record the audio in a separate app then edit the audio and video together later. An example app for recording audio from your interface is USB Audio Recorder PRO

Also, since this question is a top hit for "Pixel USB Audio Class 3", I want to also mention that the Pixel 3a does not support USB Audio Class 3.0. This means that unlike the Pixel 2, it does not support more than audio interfaces with more than 2 channels. I learned this by calling the Google's product specialists.

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