When trying the LTE RAM DUMP it's not working. I have a boost LG Stylo3 (ls777) and I've tried the dialer code sequence given and it does nothing... Is there another code sequence I should be trying instead of ##4636##

  • What exactly are you trying to accomplish? The old #*#4636#*# usually brings up a simple menu with basic information and an ability to adjust connectivity, but in a lot of phones these old codes are removed/disabled, especially in low-end and pre-paid models. Some manufacturers change these codes, for example the closest I can get to that menu on my Huawei P20 is with #*#2846579#*#* but this varies by device. Knowing exactly what you are trying to accomplish would help as "LTE RAM DUMP" has little end user value and is typically requested by carriers for debugging/troubleshooting. – acejavelin Jun 16 '19 at 13:20
  • Well, I am trying to do a hack where I have unlimited 4G LTE service with talk and text for free. When using the app that I downloaded via 3rd party source it instructed me to put in the dialer #*#3646*#* and then select LTE RAM DUMP. But when i done as instructed nothing happened. – Natasha Allen Jun 18 '19 at 17:21
  • Well... First off, this is likely not real and the app you downloaded is probably malware of some kind, as these restrictions are NOT on the device side, but at in the carriers network so changes in the device shouldn't allow this to happen. Second, if this is real, we do not support or condone attempts to illegally bypass carrier restrictions on your (or anyone's) account, this is essentially stealing and I will be flagging this post closure. – acejavelin Jun 18 '19 at 20:42

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