Hi I have recently bought a Samsung Galaxy A70 (dual sim) which in general seems a really good phone although I have Two issues.

  1. With my old phone (Lenovo K8) I was able to assign a sim to each contact so that every time I called that contact it would automatically use the assigned sim. This was handy when I was in the car and using voice commands to make a call so when I call someone because of work it would use the work sim or personal the personal sim.

I cant find any option to do this with this phone and it seems it will use the default sim (Sim1) to make all calls which I don't want to do as this uses my personal number to make work related calls.

Is there a way to set each contact a preferred sim?

I cant select "always ask" as the phone will just sit a wait for a response to be selected on the phone so when in the car this would defeat the object of using voice control and I don't fancy risking three points on my licence every time I want to call a work number while driving.

  1. When using the voice control in the car the old phone would offer me the choice of which number to call if the contact had more than one i.e. it would say "Home, Work or Mobile" now all it says it "which do you want to call you can say one or two which when driving is no use at all. I also noticed that both numbers for mobiles were called phone not work or mobile which you can see if you look in contacts.

Is there a way to get it to understand Work, mobile, home etc?

The old phone did it via google but this one doesn't. I have not tried Bixby yet so I don't know if this is any different.

Thank you for any help.

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