I got a new Pixel 2 and wanted to load an TWRP backup from my previous Pixel 2 (with stock ROM) onto it, instead of setting it up freshly. So I

  • booted the new device
  • clicked through the settings
  • entered developer mode and oem unlock
  • rebooted
  • unlocked the bootloader
  • booted into TWRP (using fastboot boot)
  • copied my old /sdcard contents to the device using adb
  • used TWRP to restore the old backup (partitions boot, system and data.

At that point I hoped I was done, and could just boot into my system. But unfortunately, it always just boots into the bootloader.

What did I do wrong?

And what do I do now?

  • I tried to do a factory reset by using fastboot flashing lock, and it claimed it would reset the phone, but it doesn’t.
  • I tried to enter recovery from the bootloader, but it just boots into the bootloader.
  • I tried to flash an official image from https://developers.google.com/android/images#walleye using ./flash-all.sh but it fails to update the bootloader:

    Sending 'bootloader_a' (38692 KB)                  OKAY [0.155s]
    Writing 'bootloader_a'                             (bootloader) Updating: partition:0   @00002000 sz=0000B000
    FAILED (remote: 'Command Flash Error')
    fastboot: error: Command failed

    and then fails do do more:

    Bootloader Version...: mw8998-002.0059.00
    Baseband Version.....: g8998-00008-1902121845
    Serial Number........: …
    extracting android-info.txt (0 MB) to RAM...
    Checking 'product'                                 OKAY [0.000s]
    Checking 'version-bootloader'                      FAILED
    Device version-bootloader is 'mw8998-002.0059.00'.
    Update requires 'mw8998-002.0076.00'.
    fastboot: error: requirements not met!
  • I tried to boot twrp again, but that does not work:

    $ fastboot boot twrp-3.3.0-0-walleye.img 
    downloading 'boot.img'...
    OKAY [  0.115s]
    FAILED (remote: Failed to load/authenticate boot image: Load Error)

What else should I try?


It seems that the script at https://forum.xda-developers.com/pixel-2-xl/development/tool-deuces-bootloop-recovery-flashing-t3704761 was able to apply a system update.

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