I am without PC right now, but I need to Format USB Drive (to FAT32 or Ext4) with Samsung S8 (Android 9) and change label. But I can't find any app that can do this. I can format USB drive in Storage Menu, but without any options, it just gives it Random number name (I can see it in Total commander) and I think it's Ext4, but again no options. Is there any option to rename the Label?

I found they there is Aparted app (port of gparted) but it needs ROOT and also it gives random label.

I also tried to rename drive in Total commander, but it says it's ranamed, but in reality it has old label. Thanks for any help :).

  • Renaming of volumes usually requires root permission. As Android does not allow to set a label when formatting the volume any other app without root permission will not be able to change the label. – Robert Jun 24 at 11:31
  • The random number given during formatting, what you see in file explorers, is not the label, it's filesystem UUID. It's the way how vold handles external storage since Marshmallow. Even if you set label (on PC or with root on Android using mkfs.* commands), whatever filesystem you choose, you will see UUID in path. – Irfan Latif Jun 25 at 0:03

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