I recently, factory resetted by android phone and installed my messenger. I tried videi calling my friend but i can't switch from back to front cam, it says "couldn't switch camera". So i tried opening my default camera, it still works but i can't find the switch camera button, even in other camera apps. I thought that i disabled my camera so i checked it in settings. I went to settings > apps > all apps but i can't find it anywhere in the list. Even in the very button the list where disabled apps are located. I'm sure i have a front cam cause i video call/selfie before.

  • What phone are you talking about? And which camera app is installed? – Robert Jun 25 at 7:56
  • I'm using an android phone, the brand is O+, forgot the model but it's kinda old since it's only at android 4.4.4. The camera app is the default app itself. I tried using camera360 too but it also does'nt have a switch cam button – SanJid Jun 25 at 8:22

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