I need to find a way to make the following work:

Android phone wifi is connected to a 360 degree camera and there is no access to internet on this connection. On the same phone another app must get internet access to constantly download some data. Phone is Xiaomi Mi Max 2. The camera if it is important is Ricoh Theta V.

I have tried the following

a)Turn on "Always.." for cellular data in developer options app still tries to go through wifi

b)Installed Mobiwal and set that app to use Mobile connection app still tries to go through wifi

There is no option to use another app and app itself does not have settings where I can specify which network to use for it.

I am looking for any solution for the whole day but it seems there is none.

Is there any tunnel/bridge app that can connect both connections together and route them properly. I do not believe the last versions of Android have screwed all this. I do remember in old versions it would work.

  • Seems I have found the way it can work but it is specific to the Ricoh Theta V camera features. It also allows to use wireless lan client mode. I have just created a hotspot on another mobile and connected my Mi Max 2 and the camera to it. This way Internet is routed through the hotspot and the camera stays connected through wireless LAN, So it solves the current problem for me now. However I would like to know if there is any solution if I need to do it with a camera or other hardware that cannot work in a wireless LAN client mode. – ozstockman Jun 27 '19 at 10:48

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