so, my phone went completely bananas today. It was charging and i swear out of the blue a messange showed up saying the sd card memory was being deleted. So in panick i turned it off. The cellphone then turned itself on and showed a message saying android was being deleted, again in panick i took the battery off. When i turned it on, a message with a "dead" android avatar showed on the screen and the boot options screen showed up. I clicked on reeboot and it had been reseted to factory settings. I was so angry and upset because my whole life and work was on my phone. I spent the entire afternoon dedicated into recovering the data. The only software that seems to find my files costed $50. i live in a 3rd world country so thats impossible for me to pay. Then looking online i found another one that seem promising but i had to root my phone for it. in the past i used to be really afraid of doing it but as i had an old phone i rooted once for some trivial stuff i decided to do it. Big mistake. After rooting my wi-fi turned off...for good. When i click the wi-fi switch it turns on for a aplit of a second and back off. i CANNOT turn it on. So i decided to hard reset it again, i mean, i had nothing to lose. NOTHING. I STILL CANT TURN IT ON.

i really need this phone for work, and i do not have money to get a new one. im desesperate. really. i reaaly hope someone can help I understand so little about this but im great at following intructions. I will be so thankfull if anyone can help.

its a samsung Galaxy J5, with android 6.0.1


Since you have nothing left on your device, you can try re-flashing the stock ROM by downloading the flash file and flashing it via Odin. It should reinstall the corrupted modem drivers and system files.

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    Thank you so much, i have no idea what that means, but im guessing Mr. google knows :)
    – Maria V
    Jul 3 '19 at 23:34

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