My original problem is at After Factory Reset, Android Galaxy Camera Touchscreen is unresponsive You can simply ignore my original problem since it's kinda not related to this question. Just share some backgrounds.

Now, I am trying a different (first stock release) ROM and hopefully, this time, it can work. After downloading this ROM, I got the following 5 files:


How to use them with Odin? Which one belongs to which option?

I guess CODE_GC100XXALJF_413474_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.md5 is AP option because it has the biggest size. But just a guess.

Thanks a lot.


Since nobody replied me, I can not wait and did the following shown as screenshots:

[enter image description here]

[enter image description here]

enter image description here

Now, my galaxy camera is bricked... so what I can do?

Edited 2:

OK, I flashed another ROM. now it's unbricked. But I still has my another question's unresponsive touch problem. Whatever. This is just the weirdest thing I ever have in my life. I will never and ever buy a Samsung product again. I can't imagine a proper factory reset inside settings GUI can cause a problem in my life before Samsung.


AP : CODE, CP: MODEM, BL: BOOTLOADER (you dont seem to have that), CSC: CSC or HOME_CSC and USERDATA: USERDATA same for when you need to wipe the user data. I your case you'll only need 3 files AP, MODEM and CSC/HOME_CSC which contains your carrier specific files, settings etc.

Note that the firmware you are trying to flash need to have same version than your current version on the device or higher, otherwise you'll get the error you are getting in your third screenshot.

Important: Do not use the pit file as it repartition the internal memory and can cause a brick, and actually it is the cause of the flash failing message, so it is not advised to use it.

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