I used the BetterBatteryStats app to check what processes are using battery during inactive time and found out that com.google.android.location.ALARM_WAKEUP_ACTIVITY_DETECTION alarm is used 26 times/hour.

Is this normal behaviour? Maybe there is something I can do to reduce the number of these alarms?

If the phone is really woken up 26 times per hour, that does not seem very efficient on the battery. On the other hand, BetterBatteryStats reports a quite good percentage of deepsleep, when the phone is not used (97%), but I think I had seen even better results on the same phone.

Maybe it is possible to reduce the rate, at which google tries to get the location of the device. I would like it to stop checking for my location at all, when I don't use a navigation app, or some other app that uses the GPS. Most of the time the GPS and internet are turned off on this phone.

  • clearing the cache and data for google play services temporarily helps, but I think it has some bad side effects - I don't see my calendar events, for example. This may also be related to the fact that the phone is not connected to internet most of the time. But I really need another solution – mnd Jul 23 '19 at 12:10

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