I'm on a galaxy s10+ and let me just say, I have OCD really bad lol. So the s10+ came with a lot of bloatware, and currently there's no root method for the phone I have, which leads me to use adb PM uninstall cmd. Say for example I want to uninstall the app "CNN". I have to look for the package name and uninstall it. But what if there's another package that I need for that app as well that I need to uninstall but I'm just unaware. For example, Bixby has like 5 or 6 packages you have to uninstall just to get completely rid of it. If I uninstall "com.samsung.cnn" to remove CNN, how will I know that there's other packages as well I need to uninstall to 'completely' remove cnn?

  • Get the list of uninstallable apps about which you are in doubt and check their description one by one on internet. I don't think there's any other way. – Irfan Latif Jul 2 at 19:06

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