Hope you may help me. I apologize to ask this, as I am not sure whether I can ask such complex problem on Google.

I have Samsung SM-G530H or known as Grand Prime with Android 4.4.4 (KitKat). Was good so far before around 2 weeks ago. Since around two weeks ago, the application I was opening many times closed suddenly. Not many application I used and not may application I installed. I have not installed any applications in this few months. The last application I installed was Basic 8086, a small educational application.

This my phone I used for browsing (Chrome), to open FB (FB Lite), to see Youtube, to make note with ColorNote, and WhatsApp (WA). Of course there are some more applications rested in my phone, but neither I used nor I updated. But however, the application I mostly used I did update: Chrome, YouTube, WA, and especially FB Lite (most frquently). Normally I just follow the suggestion to install the update.

Before I really realize that there was problem, the keyboard was many times missing when I was typing, then shown again after sometimes. Then in this one week, the application I mostly used I mentioned above, then suddenly closed. Since yesterday, the sudden closed was more frequently. And this morning is the peak.

This morning, I tried to solve the problem by uninstall the update or uninstall the applications one by one to see if any of the applications the causing of the problem. So far, like nothing of them the suspect. Then I installed CleanMaster to clean all the junks file to see if the junk files the causing problem. But also didn't help. Then I install Security Center antivirus. That application itself I found more problem, closed more seldom. Then the last I installed was Kampersky antivirus. With this antivirus, seems there a bit slower the sudden close (crash).

Then my question, what is the problem with my phone?

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