I've been using mobile Google Maps on a variety of Motorola Moto phones so far in two "modes":

  • actual driving suggestions (screen turned on),
  • sharing location and route with other people (screen turned off).

As said above, in second scenario I always:

  • turn mobile Google Maps,
  • pick destination address and calculate route,
  • selecte people to share these data with,
  • hit Power button to turn screen off.

The above worked just find with any Motorola Moto device. I have now switched to TP-LINK's Neffos X9 and I can clearly see that this doesn't work -- screen stays turned off only unti next driving suggestion, i.e. next turn. Then it turns itself on.

All my previous phones (a variety of Motorola Motos) uses Android 8.0, Neffos X9 -- Android 8.1.

So the question is, if the issue with Google Maps not staying with the screen turned off all the time during navigation is the problem of Android 8.1 or Android's implementation in Neffos X9.

And -- of course -- is there anything I can do with this and have Google Maps navigation with screen turned off through all track under Neffos X9?

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