I've been using Google Maps app's shortcut for 2-3 years so far:

enter image description here

For past 2-3 weeks (since latest Google Maps' update?) it turned out that I have to use it twice, i.e.:

  • long-press Google Maps icon to reveal its app's shortcuts,
  • tap on any,
  • wait until Google Maps starts up,
  • hit Home button to exit Google Maps,
  • long-press GM's icon again,
  • use app's shortcut again.

If I do this the regular way (i.e. only once) I end up with Google Maps opening in navigation mode, but with "Destination" field empty and asking me where to I want to go.

Only, if I use app's shortcut for the second time, I get the usual results -- i.e. Google Maps starting in navigation mode, with destination set and with route calculated, ready to navigate me.

Is this some kind of bug in Google Maps? Is there a workaround for this?

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