How I can delete old profiles from that list? In my saved passwords I don't have this, only 1 saved for VK. Same problem in tinder app too, always suggested use my old number and couple other apps. It so annoying. How fix it?

enter image description here enter image description here

  1. Open any web browser and navigate it to https://passwords.google.com/.
  2. Enter your Google sign-in information to sign-in to your Google account as usual.
  3. You will see settings for turning off or on the SmartLock Passwords, and the Auto Sign-in option for SmartLock.
  4. These options would be a list of all the saved passwords, whether saved through the Chrome browser or through the SmartLock feature in Android.
  5. Android Smart Lock Passwords Passwords are masked by default for privacy reasons. You can reveal the masked passwords by clicking/touching the small eye graphic.
  6. In order to delete one of these passwords, you can just click on the small cross shown next to that password.
  7. The passwords are deleted without any confirmation, so be careful not to delete some password that you have forgotten about.

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