I have an Android 7.0 phone (Honor 5C, NEM-L51). The default camera has a "Slow-mo" option that you reach by swiping right from the camera app. Videos work fine, they record on to the phone and there's a UI for changing the slow motion section, it looks great ... but how then can I download that video, with the effect in place, from the phone to save/store/watch elsewhere?

There doesn't appear to be a built in facility for this? If not, is there an add-on to the camera app that will do it; I want to download (ie save) already recorded slow-mo videos to my desktop primarily.

I guess the same issue comes up with other video effects??

Tertiary to that question if people don't know how to do it, but know of good camera apps that do have the feature (for future use) then I'd be happy to hear about that too, but primarily I want to save the videos already recorded. FWIW I know I could download and then apply slow-motion effects in a NLE, that's not what I want to do (unless it's automated from meta-data saved with the slow-mo?).

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