Probably not a question for here but I've already asked in support forums, without answer. It's an emergency!

My phone worked perfectly until now. There are 2 google accounts on it, one private used to set the phone up and one from my employer. I've left that company and they disabled my account.

A notification appeared: Google Play services Account Action Required

And now my phone is super hot. The power is draining really fast. Can barely charge it up. Again, it's not the charger, battery or some other app. The phone is working very slow. I am sure that disabled account is causing the software to do something crazy.

I've uninstalled everything. I've restarted the phone.

I can't remove the disabled account, as it's requiring me to sing in (impossible, as the account is disabled)

Please help!



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    Welcome to Android Enthusiasts! Have you tried to remove the account via Settings -> Accounts, select the account provider, select the account, then Remove? – Reddy Lutonadio Jul 6 '19 at 18:10

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