I accidentally ran fastboot erase all and now the IMEI isn't being recognized on stock ROM. fastboot getvar imei returns the correct number, but no matter what ROM I try, it doesn't show in settings or when I dial *#06# (showing as 0). I've flashed the stock 5.1.1, 6.0.1, and the 7.1.1, ROM, but to no avail. My device is the XT1563.

Is there any way to get back my IMEI number?

  • If you reflashed the stock firmware and it didn't return, hopefully you have backup of your EFS partition to restore, otherwise Moto repair is really your only option. – acejavelin Jul 7 '19 at 20:18
  • @acejavelin Oh, bummer. I did have several nandroid backups, but I deleted them after hoping to do a factory reset. – Erik Jul 7 '19 at 20:39
  • where did you got these instructions from? – alecxs Jul 7 '19 at 23:58
  • i cannot find 'fastboot erase all' mentioned anywhere – alecxs Jul 8 '19 at 9:23

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