I have 2 Galaxy Tab S4, model number: SM-T830, and i have a program that connects video via WebRTC (connect to the rasp Pi's WiFi then go to the program localhost page then it loads the program fine, motors and all, but won't load the video hosted by the pi). It works on the original tablet, which has a security patch level of June 1, 2018 but for the tablet that isn't working it has a security patch level of December 1, 2018. Any ideas of how to revert or why it isn't working? I also use Firefox, the video consistently runs via webrtc on the original tablet just fine.

In the original tablet, the video streams loads (ICE servers) within 5 seconds. In the non-functioning tablet, the video stream simply does not load.

It may have something to do with the auto-run feature on firefox maybe? Personally think it may have something to do with the difference of security patch levels on the Android OS's. Firefox and all have the same settings. Including going to about:config and then setting full-screen-api.allow-trusted-requests-only to false

I also cannot install a custom ROM or flash the android tablets that i have.

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