I could not found any post with the exact same problem as me. So, here's the deal:

For some odd and unknown reason, my battery percentage increases as if it is constantly charging.

Let's say drain my battery completely. Fully charge it, and turn it on, my battery would show that the phone is fully charged all the way until it dies. No battery saver at 10% or anything like that. Just randomly dies. (Note that the battery lasts quite a while, its not a damaged battery that drains in a couple hours.) So, let's now say that I charge it to 50% and turn it back on. This time the battery would increase all the way to 100%, while unplugged, as if it was fastcharging. Again, until the last drop of battery.

I've tried letting it drain completely and fully charging turned on and off. Didn't work at all. Software updates didn't fix the issue either. Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: By the way, I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. SM-G935FD android version 8.0.0

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