For a while, this has been bothering me.

I use various messaging applications (for example Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.). If I receive more than one message from a single contact, the notification drawer (and lockscreen) only displays the most recent message from the said contact.

Is there a way to view all of the message previews from ONE contact in the notification drawer/lockscreen without having to actually go into the app? I believe this is the way iOS currently works.

Let me give an example. Say "Alex" sends me two messages..

10 mins ago Alex: Good Morning

5 mins ago Alex: Are you coming to work today?

Only the most recent message, Are you coming to work today?, will be displayed in the notification drawer. Good Morning, cannot be read unless I go directly into the app itself. I want to be able to see both, without notifying Alex that I have read the messages. Is this possible?

NOTE: Expanding the notification does not show all messages from one contact. It DOES show an expanded view of the most recent message from multiple contacts, however this isn't what I'm looking for.

Does anyone have any ideas on this?

(I'm running Android Q Beta on a Pixel 3, but this has been an issue for me, even in Android Pie)

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