I have a Nokia 6.1, and Android One phone, running Pie. Is there any way to tell if my SD card is already formatted for internal storage?


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    Execute df on a terminal app or adb shell and share output here. – Irfan Latif Jul 12 '19 at 19:24

When you go to settings>device maintenance>storage (it might be a different path for you I'm running 8.0) does it list your inserted SD card? If not then it's not available.


Do df | grep /mnt/expand on a terminal app or adb shell. If you see a dm-crypt virtual volume like /dev/block/dm-1 mounted on /mnt/expand/[UUID] and additionally /mnt/expand/[UUID] is mounted at /storage/media, then your external SD card is adopted as internal storage.

Otherwise it's /data/media mounted on /storage/emulated, and your SD card is mounted as Portable Storage.

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