I have a Samsung Note 4, running Android 6.0.1. After installing the "Guidebook" app, I started getting a "Process System is not responding" message frequently. If I reboot, I get it immediately upon startup. If I say "ok" to terminating it, the phone is somewhat usable, but not very. In particular, I cannot get a keyboard to pop up when trying to enter something in a text field in any context.

My default keyboard is Swype which I'd like to not lose as it is no longer available, but if I have to switch to GBoard or something, I'll survive.

Because I was already quite low on internal storage space, I deleted several apps and files, including Guidebook. I'm now at just under 30GB used of 32.

I tried installing GBoard in the hopes of getting a keyboard working. I did this by logging into Google Play on my laptop and requesting the install, but my phone has not downloaded/installed it yet (many hours later). Google Play on my phone is hard to use without a keyboard, and hangs in all of the tabs under "My apps and games".

So... I'm pretty sure I need to factory reset the phone and I'm wondering how to do that while losing as little as possible. I have an external SD card installed and a lot of photos and app data stored on it. The photos are backed up on Google Images, but I'm not sure if those are at full resolution, so I am copying them via USB to my laptop. I'm not sure what else I might want/need to manually back up. Can I back up the application data? The phone is still semi-usable, but I don't appear to be able to use Google Play to install apps. I might be able to sideload something. The phone is not rooted and I don't really want to do that as it's really beyond my area of expertise.

2 major question:

1) Is there something I should try before doing a factory reset?

2) If/when I do the factory reset, should I take the SD card out first? If I do, will it be readable by the phone again once it is reset? What will happen if I leave it in?

Please let me know if there is additional information you need and I will attempt to supply it. Thanks!

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