I've set up an IMAP account in the default email client (android 2.2.1), and have added and removed some folders on the IMAP folder. How do I change the android email settings to subscribe to these new folders?

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Email APP

If you are referring to the APP named "Email", you don't have to make any adjustments, the subscription process is fully automated, I just test.

Ps: No options available on this application for that type of settings, perhaps the reason as to why its fully automated and by default in sync.

Gmail APP

If you are referring to the Gmail APP, you need to:

  1. Open the APP
  2. Tap your device "menu"
  3. Tap "more", then "settings"
  4. Tap your account
  5. Scroll down until you find "Sync inboxes and labels", and tap
  6. A list should appear with all your folders, tap over the ones you need to Sync and select the desirable option.

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